Thursday, November 18, 2010

I alway eat alone, anyways.

Today, I feel inadequate; unimportant; invisible.

I got up, studied for my test, spend three bloody hours in the testing center, ended up with an average grade, and found myself back in the library alone. For lunch I spent $2.89 at Taco Bell - I'm cheap, I know. The worker handed me my food and I began the dreaded search of finding a table in the Cougareat. When you are with a friend, this part isn't so bad. You can turn it into a game, like, whoever finds an empty table first gets the satisfaction of feeling awesome for about .35 seconds. I was happy when I found a good table only to have these joyful feelings crushed when the epitome of a happy BYU couple stole the table from me. It was one of those awkward "Let's all just stand here and look at the table until one of the parties chooses to back down" kind of thing. I backed down and rather quickly at that. It didn't take me too long to find somewhere else to sit.

If there is one thing I dislike more than onions, it is sitting alone while eating in public. I hate it. There is no one there to talk to you or to ask you about your day. No one to make fun of you when you spill nacho sauce all over your jeans. And no one to laugh when you say something brilliantly hilarious. Lunch is always better while in the company of others.

Another thing, today is now officially "Don't respond to Hannah when she say's 'Hello!' to us." Day. I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating. We should throw a part next year. It's happening. November 18, 2011. Mark your calendars; circle the date. Just don't talk to me when you get there - that's what makes it fun.

I think the only thing that made my day good at all was the choice I made to wear this Christmas sweater. Sure, it is from D.I. and totally ugly. Sure, it looks like my 89 year-old Great-Aunt made it for me. Sure, the pattern is completely and utterly out of date, but I like this sweater, and the people of BYU seem to like it as well. Random people all over the place were commenting on this glorious piece of craftsmanship. Who knew people loved knappy Christmas sweaters so much?

So, the conclusions we can all draw from my experiences today:
1.Taco Bell has the cheapest food.
2. Never back down.
3. Don't spill the nacho sauce.
4. Somedays people have bad hearing.
5. When in doubt - wear a Christmas sweater.


  1. Hannah, I'll say hi to you, and I do like that sweater...

  2. HAAAANNNNNNAAAAHHHHHH!!!! if i was on campus on thursday you KNOW i would eat lunch with you! Tuesdays I could! :)

  3. HAHA. I KNOW!! HEY! We could also totally study in the wilk while we are there.