Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Germans make the best playgrounds

Ever since I have been home for the break, I haven't done too much with my time. I sit around at home with my mom a lot while she works, but today I was going totally stir crazy. I got out of the house and went on my first great adventure!!!! It was so grand that I decided it was blog worthy...also, I am just bored.

My adventure started with a text message from my friend Randy Pinto, asking if I still wanted to hang out tonight. We had talked on the phone earlier in the day and I had mentioned I wanted to do something, so, he made that happen. I told him HECK to the YES and he came to and picked me up.

First we went to CVS and met up with Mikel and Lilly. Mikel had a 2 dollar coupon for CVS, so, naturally, she had to buy something right then and there. She ended up with candy. We then made our way to donut star - it's a must in any late night adventure in Irvine. You will always run into that one person you have been trying to avoid your entire trip. You know who I mean...that one person from high school you hoped to never see again...yeah, that's right. I enjoyed a chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting and a carton of fat free milk. It was super delicious. After sitting in d-star for some time, we moved our party to Ralph's. I know, quite the party hop. For those who are unaware, Ralph's is a grocery store.

Moving on, after Ralph's we decided to go to H Mart (or something). It's a Korean grocery store...I think. I was just super excited because I was able to buy some of my most favorite desserts ever!

Hey look! It's me! I am standing in the asian store with my bag of goodies. How cute.

Hey look! It's Randy! He is doing...something...

Hey look! It's Randy and me! We are smiling and stuff.

After our great adventure to this store, we took Mikel and Lilly back to their car. We said goodbye and off we went. We came back to my house so I could get my phone charger and so I could put my treats into the freezer. I didn't want them to melt. Duh! We left my house soon after so Randall could show me where his family moved. After seeing the new house we had to think of something to do. Here is where the evening gets a little crazy...and by crazy I actually mean totallyrockawesomesicktight.

I love living in Irvine - it's almost picture perfect. There is just one problem I have: At the hour of 9 everything goes dead. There is nothing to do besides sit around at donut star for hours - which we had already done. After assessing our situation we decided to go park hopping.

Park #1 was by far the best and therefore the most documented. Randy informed me that the park toys were made and designed in Germany. He kept raving about how they were from Germany. I didn't know Germany was so obsessed with children's parks, but now I have been informed.

Here I am on the teeter-totter. It is super lonely when no one will play with you.

Hey, Randy came to play with me! Look how much fun he is having.

Yeah, we did set up a self-timer and run back over to the teeter-totter.

Self-timer perfection.

Oh, but don't worry, park #1 is not over yet! we ran across the way to find some more toys! We found some sort of horsey thing? I am not sure, you can decide for yourself what it is. Also, there was this spinny thing. Out of all the spinny things I have ever been on this one was the fastest. It was INSANE! It was so fast and so smooth. I can't even describe how great and dangerous it was.

I am on spinny thing. Randy is on horsey thing.

I was going ridiculously fast. Randy was, well, still doing that horsey thing.

My turn? I didn't understand how to even begin to use this toy...

How about like this? I was going for the whole "I am a bull-fightin' rough and tough cowboy" look.

After this second section of toys, we ran over to the next contraption. This one had me most confused. Honsetly, what are these poor children supposed to do on a thing like this?

After spending a few seconds on these metal bars I think I really began to understand how to use it...

The last thing we went to play on was this big huge metal disc thing. It sat at an angle and had "death trap" written all over it. This was another one of those spinny things. I got thrown off of it a few times because it was going so fast. Randy was much better at using it than I was...I just tried to not die.

This was my attempt to look like a clock...just pretend I don't have legs.

Park #2 and #3 aren't even worth talking about...they were just that lame. After this all this crazy-ness we decided it was time for bed. So he dropped me off and I came straight upstairs.

That was the end of my adventure. I can't wait to see what these next 5 days have in store for me. Hopefully I will go on more totallyrockawesomesicktight adventures.

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